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Chaowei Wang

Associate professor
Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Alma Mater:BUPT
Education Level:研究生毕业
School/Department:School of EE
Discipline:Electronic Science and technology *
Business Address:Room 434
University S&T Park Building

Contact Information:86-10-61198309
Honors and Titles: 2022elected:IEEE ICCC Best Paper Award 2014elected:Best Paper Award of IEEE WCNC 2014 2016elected:河南省通信学会科学技术奖一等奖 2017elected:中国公路学会科学技术奖二等奖 2017elected:北京市优秀人才青年骨干
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Personal Profile

My research interests include: Interference management/mitigation in 5G, private information retrieval, NOMA, SDN, mobile crowd sensing and IoT. My team is funded by NSFC, MOST, Beijing Municipal, China Mobile and CETC. I've authored about 50 journal/conference papers (IEEE JSAC, China Science, 2014 IEEE WCNC Best Paper Award, etc. ) and 2 books (in Chinese). I'm holding 15 invention patents (13 Chinese patents and 2 US patents). 

I'm granted by the Beijing Talents Foundation in 2017. I was visiting QMUL in London and UCI in California. I was TPC members/session chairs for several flagship conferences. I'm currently the reviewers of IEEE TVT, IEEE CL and IEEE TCOM and IEEE Access.

Selected Publications:(updated on 2024.4.5)

    • C. Wang et al., "Trustworthy Health Monitoring Based On Distributed Wearable Electronics With Edge Intelligence," in IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, doi: 10.1109/TCE.2024.3358803. 

    • D. Deng, C. Wang et al., "Semantic Communication Empowered NTN for IoT: Benefits and Challenges," in IEEE Network, doi: 10.1109/MNET.2024.3383604.

    • C. Wang et al., "Adaptive Semantic-Bit Communication for Extended Reality Interactions," in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, vol. 17, no. 5, pp. 1080-1092, Sept. 2023.

    • X. Yu, C. Wang et al., "When Connected and Automated Vehicles Meet Mobile Crowdsensing: A Perception and Transmission Framework in the Metaverse," in IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 22-34, Dec. 2023.

    • C. Wang, M. Pang, L. Xu, L. Zhao, Y. Yao and W. Wang, "Time Synchronization and Signal Detection in Non-Orthogonal Unicast and Broadcast Networks," in IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, vol. 69, no. 2, pp. 635-646, June 2023.

    • C. Wang et al., "Joint Waveform Design and Detection in Symbiotic Ambient Backscatter NOMA Systems," in IEEE Internet of Things Journal, vol. 10, no. 22, pp. 19507-19517, 15 Nov.15, 2023.

    • Chaowei Wang, Xiaofei Yu, Lexi Xu, Ziye Wang, Weidong Wang, Multimodal semantic communication accelerated bidirectional caching for 6G MEC, Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 140, 2023, Pages 225-237.

    • D. Deng, C. Wang, M. Pang and W. Wang, "Dynamic Resource Allocation With Deep Reinforcement Learning in Multibeam Satellite Communication," in IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 75-79, Jan. 2023,

    • C. Wang, X. Yu, L. Xu and W. Wang, "Energy-Efficient Task Scheduling Based on Traffic Mapping in Heterogeneous Mobile-Edge Computing: A Green IoT Perspective," in IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 972-982, June 2023

    • C. Wang, D. Deng, L. Xu and W. Wang, "Resource Scheduling Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning in UAV Assisted Emergency Communication Networks," in IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 70, no. 6, pp. 3834-3848, June 2022

    • D. Deng, C. Wang and W. Wang, "Joint Air-to-Ground Scheduling in UAV-Aided Vehicular Communication: A DRL Approach With Partial Observations," in IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 26, no. 7, pp. 1628-1632, July 2022

    • C. Wang, D. Deng, L. Xu, W. Wang and F. Gao, "Joint Interference Alignment and Power Control for Dense Networks via Deep Reinforcement Learning," in IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 966-970, May 2021.

    • Wang, C., Mei, W., Qin, X. et al. Quantum entropy based tabu search algorithm for energy saving in SDWN. Sci. China Inf. Sci. 60, 040307 (2017). 

    • C. Wang, C. Qin, Y. Yao, Y. Li and W. Wang, "Low Complexity Interference Alignment for mmWave MIMO Channels in Three-Cell Mobile Network," in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 35, no. 7, pp. 1513-1523, July 2017.

    • Y. Yao, X. Cheng, C. Wang, J. Yu and X. Chen, "Wideband Circularly Polarized Antipodal Curvedly Tapered Slot Antenna Array for 5G Applications," in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 35, no. 7, pp. 1539-1549, July 2017.

Educational Experience

  • 2005.9 -- 2010.6

    北京邮电大学       Electronic Science and technology *       博士毕业       Doctoral Degree in Engineering

  • 2000.9 -- 2004.6

    北京邮电大学       信息与通信工程* Information and communication engineering       大学本科(简称“大学”)       Bachelor's Degree in Engineering

Work Experience

  • 2010.7 -- 2020.12

    北京邮电大学      电子工程学院      中心副主任,中心支部书记      讲师,副教授      在职

Social Affiliations

  • 2018.11 -- 2020.12


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Research Group


Research Focus

  • 移动群感知与物联网
  • 软件定义网络
  • 下一代无线/移动通信技术