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Alma Mater:香港科技大学

Education Level:研究生毕业




Discipline:Computer science and technology *

Business Address:西土城校区教三632

Honors and Titles: 2023  elected:  中国计算机学会自然科学二等奖 2019  elected:  中国科协青年人才托举计划 2023  elected:  Best Paper Award Runner-up, ACM SenSys 2022  elected:  Best Paper Award, IEEE SECON 2022  elected:  Outstanding Paper Runner-up Award, IEEE ICPADS 2021  elected:  ACM SIGMOBILE CHINA新星奖 2021  elected:  Best Paper Award, WASA 2021  elected:  Best Paper Award Runner-up, IEEE MASS 2021  elected:  Distinguished TPC Member, IEEE INFOCOM 2020  elected:  Best Paper Runner-up Award, IEEE SECON 2017  elected:  Best Student Paper Award, IEEE ICPADS 2020  elected:  北京邮电大学第十五届教学观摩评比优秀奖

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